Dom Perignon x Jeff Koons

Brief: Introduce the limited edition collaboration between Dom Perignon and renowned global artist Jeff Koons to LA's art influencer and media community. 

Results: RGLive created a completely immersive experience from start to finish that brought LA's top influencers into a custom designed world of Dom Perignon and Jeff Koons. 

  • Guests entered through a grand entranceway and were immidiately drawn to a DP/ Koons centerpiece, paved by a custom designed LED projection on the floor.
  • Custom content filled the projection floor and walls to being to life the Dom Perignon brand elements and Koons statues. 
  • Custom display elements were built to house the product and statues and served as a branded backdrop for all social media photos. 
  • RGLive installed an Instagram photo booth with custom hashtag #DPxKoons that all guests used to share their experiences and memories from the event.